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Find Talent
Our global talent acquisition specialists support you at every stage of the recruitment process.
Career Growth
Hire Easy is one of the Best Consulting provider in Canada, we are specialized in providing best training solutions to companies.
HR Solution
Hire Easy offer a wide range of onsite and offsite HR services to businesses
We pride ourselves on our ability to source top talent for even the most difficult roles in any industry, which is why we offer contingent searches.
Retained Executive Search
Each search is unique and requires various talents and skillsets, so our team begins each search with a series of questions to understand your organization needs.


At HireEasy we understand the challenges of managing and scaling a business

When reliant on rare knowledge and expertise, talent sourcing in a competitive marketplace is often the difference between success and failure.

Hiring efficiently is vital for:
* Avoiding project delays
* Reducing costs
* Maintaining productivity
* Building internal innovation capacity

To prevent these roadblocks, we build relationships with hiring managers and candidates to ensure the best fit for all involved.

Career Growth

We are here to mentor you and provide you with the best tools to plan your next adventure!
Careers happen over time and through a series of moves.The work you’ve done in the Looking Inward and Looking Outward section helps to generate insight into the world of possibilities for those who want to move forward and toward their career goals.
Some individuals want to move up or on while others are looking to grow in place or step down. We each have our own unique career journey based on our skills, passion and interests which moves us towards a very personal definition of career success.

HR Solution

Get our help building your HR teams and scaling your business through the growth stages

A dependable HR Team is crucial for the culture and success of any organisation. Let’s work together to equip you with the best HR division so you can have the best strategies and processes designed to keep the company culture happy and empowering.


We’ve spent years forging meaningful connections with candidates and clients alike. We cast a wide net of work experience and client satisfaction across a long and growing list of job sectors.

Although we pride ourselves on our ability to source top talent for even the most difficult to find roles in any industry, we have a particularly refined practice for winning the fight for top tier candidates in the Information Technology, Supply Chain and Manufacturing & Operations .

Contingent employment means a worker’s position with a company is temporary. The individual is not an employee of the business, and therefore isn’t hired on a permanent basis. Typically, contingent workers are hired to complete a project.

Retained Executive Search

Is your HR department looking to hire an executive recruiter skilled at finding and closing top talent? Often, high-end executive search firms get a retainer, an up-front fee, in order to carry out a specialized search for senior level executive positions such as corporate officers.

Additionally, top retained search firms are also tasked with placing competitive positions with top talent in fields like programming and data analysis.

These positions are found at the highest level of companies and organizations and require the best talent as their decisions are deeply influential across a variety important company factors.


Without proper employees, you cannot reach the pinnacle of success. Opening up a business routine is different, and running it successful is a completely new ball game.

And to help you succeed in that, you need proper candidates. To help you find those candidates, believe in our staffing services. Our team from Alliance Recruitment Agency is here for offering you with quality staffing plans.

Go; check out our manpower staffing services for details. Moreover, our manpower staffing agency is well-known for addressing only the best candidates for companies.So, you will always land up with the best aspirants, ready to make your business big and successful.

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